In nb.yth, we are raising the banner of Jesus Christ to a young, lost world. We want to be a platform where God can be known, friendships can be built and lives can be changed in and outside of the church. For far too long have the youth of today been asked to step aside and have no true leadership in and among themselves. That stops today, and we want to be in the front lines for the battle of each and every student's heart from the Shoals area to the ends of the Earth.

Where do I belong?

With our youth, there is no separation of Jr. High and High School, so everyone gets to gather under one roof in one room together to praise the name of Jesus.

What will we do?

Each week, our students have one meeting besides our weekly Sunday service gatherings.



Meet Our Student Pastor


Hunter Phillips

Hunter is a long-time member of New Beginning Church and attends the University of North Alabama pursuing a bachelors degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. He has made plans to attend seminary as he pursues his calling that God has blessed him with. Hunter and his wife, Jessica, are committed to sharing the gospel with each youth and college student in the Shoals area.