New Beginning Church began on April 19, 1998, with the vision of reaching out to the hurting, un-churched people of the Shoals area with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Within 12 weeks of starting this church, New Beginning had a fully furnished office, a complete staff, and a place to meet (the Marriott Conference Center). We met at the Marriott Conference Center for five years and then moved to our present location. Through our combined ministries, we have seen thousands of people helped in the past 18 years. The most exciting thing to know is that God is still writing the story of New Beginning Church.


New Beginning Church exists to provide an atmosphere where the heart can find rest, the soul can be replenished, and the life can be refocused to align with the purposes of God. We promise those who attend this church that the ministry and message of this church will be Biblical, but not judgmental or condemning. Our desire is to give people practical Biblical insight for daily living.


FIRST AND FOREMOST, God is honored in excellence - We may not do things perfectly, but God deserves our best

People matter to god

God loves all people and wants a relationship with them through Christ.

what we do,

we will do together

We will not tolerate politics or any other power plays in this body. While we may disagree on issues, the body will decide, and then we will move forward together.

We will not compromise kingdom living

In every decision, we will seek God first through reading His word and prayer.

Secondary Title


New Testament in operation and ministry

Evangelistic in nature

World Vision

Building a church with or without facilities

Emphasizing the priority of worship

Going out to the shoals area with the

message and ministry of Jesus

Innovative in advertising

Next generation building

Noble living

Inclusive not exclusive

Nourishing the believer

God focused

OUR Team

Meet the authentic, amazing people who serve in our church with hearts that strive to see people come to have a personal relationship with God